vineri, 19 aprilie 2013

Mayweather vs Guerrero: Floyd Sr says relationship with Roger is 'so-so'

Floyd Mayweather Sr says things aren't great between he and brother Roger, the man he replaced as Floyd Mayweather's lead trainer for Floyd's May 4 fight.

With Roger Mayweather reportedly having some awkward moments in camp now that he's essentially been demoted to an assistant trainer for his nephew, new lead trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr acknowledges that the relationship between he and his brother isn't exactly great at the moment:

"It's so-so. The only thing I'm saying is this, sometimes he comes to gym and we don't speak. I'll sit right there and he walks right past me. We're family man, speak. That's what I do. When I come in, I got manners and very good manners. When someone comes by you and don't speak -- I mean, come on, man. It ain't cool, whether it's family or it just be another person."

Floyd Sr and Roger, like Sr and his son, have long had a contentious relationship. Roger's "demotion" is reportedly due to his having some health issues, but Floyd Jr has said himself that he wanted to focus more on defense this camp, and that's where Sr is known as a master trainer.

Like always, it's hard to tell what's real and what's just needling with this situation. This is a group of guys that have in the past seemed almost unable to talk about one another even in a positive way without taking some minor jab. But I think it's pretty clear that Roger isn't exactly cool with his role and Floyd Sr replacing him as lead trainer. For the most part, he's not saying anything about it, but this stuff isn't coming from nowhere, obviously.


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